Preparation for the Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a working meeting. For additions or remodeling projects, this meeting takes place at your home. If the consultation is for a new home, we will determine whether to meet at our office or at the proposed site.

In order for us to help you the most at this consultation, you should provide us with the following homework items:

Site Information

Plot plan or survey of your home
This should be with the closing papers from the purchase of your home. If you are on septic and well, it would be helpful to have dimensioned drawings indicating their locations and to know the septic tank capacity.

Zoning Information
Find out from your town what zoning district you are in. Find out the front, side, and rear setback requirements and the allowable coverage or F.A.R. requirements for your lot.

Existing Conditions

Plans and elevations of your house (if you have them)
These are usually drawn at 1/4" = 1'-0".

Photographs of your home
These should be taken from all sides and at various angles. When you take these photos stand far enough back to get the entire home in the frame of the picture. These photos may be used to draw overlays of proposed schemes.

Wish Lists

List the goals of this project
It is okay if the list for each partner in the home is not the same. It's part of the process!

Clip pictures or take photos
Show images of places and details you really like or really dislike. This will help us guide you on how the concepts you like can be incorporated in your home.