How to Get Started...

Following your initial consultation, if you decide to go forward with this project using ARCHITECTS' GUILD as your designer, you will be sent a contract. Once, both the contract and retainer are returned to us, we will begin the next 7 steps necessary to make your dream a reality.


We will first need to schedule a site visit to take measurements of your home. If you have plans of your home, we will need to verify the dimensions.

Existing Conditions

We will then draw up the plans, elevations, etc. of the house, as is required, for the design. These will be drawn at 1/4"=1'-0" scale.

Preliminary Design

In this stage we will re-examine your program and the ideas that were developed at the consultation. Drawings, sketches and sometimes models are used to convey these ideas to you. These design drawings can be shown to a contractor for a cost estimate.

Design Development

The initial ideas are developed. We begin to define the architectural character, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. We will select materials and other related elements with you. These drawings will be at a level at which a unit price estimate may be received from a contractor.

Working Drawings

We will produce construction drawings including sections and necessary details. The plans and elevations will be dimensioned and notated. We may produce a site plan for zoning approval. If warranted, the working drawings and associated specifications can be brought to a level where exact comparative costs may be obtained from a number of contractors.

Bidding Stage

We can assist you in obtaining bids, reviewing proposals and contracts, and guide you in selecting a contractor.

Construction Observation

During this phase, the work of the contractor is observed to maintain adherence to the design documents and to resolve design issues that arise during construction.